At Cornerstone Soccer Academy we keep your dreams alive.

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are. Cornerstone Soccer Academy was founded by a passionate and successful professional to provide unique and effective training methods that combines fitness with soccer for optimal results. At CSA, we train players of all ages. We challenge you to grow, evolve and get better. We help to discover and develop great talents for the future and also to build character and faith because that is the greatest legacy we can give to our children. In addition to building soccer skills, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and creating a friendly social environment for both parents and children, we are committed to building our players’ confidence, expanding their opportunities for college and creating the opportunity for playing soccer professionally.

Cornerstone Soccer Academy offers an all year round futsal program from ages 4 to 19. Futsal is the Brazilian style of indoor soccer played with a weighted ball with smaller numbers and focuses on individual/small-team play. It’s fast paced, and helps players develop a high level of ball control due to the nature of the game. US Soccer is a big proponent of futsal, and it has helped hundreds of our players continue to develop immensely.

Fitness training is a vital part of our program. Every athlete wants to be able to compete at their full potential. Fitness performance training uses the demands of the specific sport and integrates flexibility, cardiorespiratory, core development, balance, plyometric, speed and quickness training. Training an athlete to become faster involves some highly specialized exercises and equipment. We have the tools here at CSA to help soccer players of any age increase their speed, agility and strength. Improving speed involves core body training and lower body strength training with a focus on enhancing quick twitch muscle groups. An improvement in your speed and agility could easily take you from being a starter on your team to a player who provides depth at a position. Everyone is welcome at CSA, we believe in true equality that holds everyone accountable in the same way.