Cornerstone Soccer Academy is committed to providing an outstanding and effective soccer experience for all who have interest and true passion in the game of soccer.

Our goals include the following: using soccer and fitness to teach and prepare athletes for life, helping them have fun, teaching technical and tactical skills, and strengthening mental ability. Striving to constantly improve is our philosophy. We create an environment in which players can play and think; this promotes decision making and develops the vision to play at top levels. Belief is the foundation and bedrock of our program. At CSA, we teach you how to keep your passion and dreams for soccer alive with vision, dedication, perseverance and discipline. We teach you how to believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities to perform better.

In addition to building soccer skills, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and creating a friendly social environment for both parents and children, we are committed to building our players’ confidence, expanding their opportunities for college and creating the opportunity for playing soccer professionally. Through quality coaching, great leadership and transparency, Cornerstone Soccer Academy will work to be the best soccer club in the world.